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I am an ezbuy customer from the time they first started out until now. So I had been through the early stages (which to me was the best time) because right now they suck {{Redacted}}.

Like literally worse than all the customer services I have encountered elsewhere combined together. Let's start from the first problem I encountered. Waited a week for them to tell me item was OOS. But the item is still visible and available for purchase via their ezbuy app.

That was just the start of many problems after that. I rarely use their ship-for-me service but on the second attempt, they changed my US warehouse address without notifying me and I only found out myself on the day the item was due to reach the warehouse. Suffice to say the experience wasn't great because ezbuy was not apologetic, they pushed the blame directly to me. Next, I don't always do mass orders.

But for the first time I tried that, I vowed never to do any mass ordering again. Out of 4 orders placed, 1 was missing (I got someone else's order instead) and 1 other item that was ordered wrongly. Now, I can't tell if it's the seller's fault or ezbuy but I'm putting my money on ezbuy because they had 3 effing weeks to inspect and repack said order, and this is the result? They were unapologetic.

I called up the hotline and was met with the world's unfriendliest customer service executive ever. He didn't even introduce himself, sounded reluctant to deal with me, telling me this isn't the correct line and told me to drop my case at one of their emails. I was doing a rain check midway and he just hung up. Thanks for making me waste 2 hours trying to get through the hotline only to get told off because said staff is sick of his *** job.

Upon dropping an email regarding my messed up orders they refused to admit to anything. Simply told me my order was not at their warehouse THE END. They refunded me but that's not the *** point. You think I ordered for fun?

I needed that order! Of course in order to get my money refunded for the other wrong order I had to pass it back to them to get it processed. Do they think I work from home? I have a full time job that requires me to work overtime regularly!

I eventually let this slide because i can only imagine how to remaining process would be like if this is their best response. My last straw came when I placed an order for shoelaces. Their system update indicated that my order was delivered on 23/2 night. Yes that's what I scheduled but my order DID NOT ARRIVE.

My family was home whole day and nothing came! Instead of checking with the courier or doing their own investigation they literally told me to check with my relatives, friends AND NEIGHBORHOOD. Like what kind of response is that? They want me to go knocking on 600 units to see if anyone had my parcel?!

The delivery man later called up to say that he FORGOT my delivery. Fine, I let it slide the first time. My delivery was supposed to come on the 24/2 per the delivery man words and Guess what? He CASUALLY FORGOT AGAIN.

I was getting this sorted out with ezbuy on the side and their responses were ridiculous. They kept insisting that someone has received my order on my behalf, telling me to check with my family. For the nth time! The order was eventually delivered on the 25/2 and the Response from ezbuy was hilarious.

They apparently "checked with the delivery man" that NOBODY WAS HOME on 23/2! Please check to see if anyone received my order on 24/2! Because the system said so! Basically they kept asking me about my order number, repeatedly tell me my order had already been delivered according to their failed system and that I should check with my family OR Neighbourhood.

I was seriously appalled by their responses. What ezbuy indicated in their system is different from what the delivery man has told me. That's some serious lapses. Should I be surprised anymore that ezbuy had ZERO transparency?

They were NOT LIKE THIS in the past. It disappoints me greatly they are treating their customers like idiots. Attached photos for evidence. Their follow-up tactic is beyond ***.

I repeated my order number 3 times, got repeatedly told my order was already delivered.

But dude, I did not receive on the 23/2! What's the point of letting you schedule the delivery if it's not going to arrive at the appointed time and date?

Review about: Ezbuy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

I liked: Purchase is easy.

I didn't like: Bad customer service, Cheating, False information, Customer-blaming culture, Unprofessionalism.

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Delivery arrange for PICKUP - I received the system generated message that the item just arrived at the collection point, but no person or anyone in the area, then I have waited for another 30mins, I received another message that, the delivery guy is leaving, I did not even see anyone there.

Crazy shipment and company!


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